St. George North Stake - Stake Boundary Changes

Brothers and Sisters,

Here are the details and slides from the boundary changes announced at the meeting this afternoon.

Units That Were Unaffected:
Winchester Hills 1st Ward
Winchester Hills 2nd Ward
Diamond Valley 1st Ward
Diamond Valley 2nd Ward
Pine Valley Branch

Dammeron Valley Ward Changes:
Only minor changes were made to the Dammeron Valley Ward, on the far northwest and far southwest corners of the boundary, with only one household affected.

Veyo Ward Changes:
All of Brookside, both upper and lower, is now in the Veyo Ward, with the exception of several families on Wells Fargo Drive (that runs north and south, north of Wells Fargo Road), in the northwest corner of Brookside (see the slides for the exact boundaries).

Everything West of Highway 18 is now in the Gunlock Ward. Everything East of Highway 18 is in the Veyo Ward, except as noted above.

Gunlock Ward Changes:
The Gunlock Ward is now part of the St George North Stake, and consists of all of Gunlock, and Veyo West of Highway 18. The part of Kayenta that was in the Gunlock ward is now in the Ivins 2nd Ward.

Central Ward Changes:
Those living in Lower Brookside are now part of the Veyo Ward (see the slides for the exact boundaries). The Central Ward boundary expanded substantially on the West side, though that change didn't affect any residences.

We are confident that as we move forward with faith and look for ways to serve and minister that positive growth in our personal lives and in the Lord's work in our area will result from these changes.

Thank you,
St George North Stake Presidency

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